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Artists: Morten Akhøj (DK), Julius von Bismarck (DE), Kirsten Justesen (DK), Gabriel Avecedo Velarde (PE), Anne de Vries (NL), Hong-Kai Wang (TW)

Period: December 10 - January 28

Curated by IMO

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URO is a Danish word for ‘absence of peace and rest’. URO is a feeling which starts spreading when things are not in place. URO is a word, a sequence of units, which visually and phonetically resembles a palindrome – a palindrome which cannot, though, be read both ways, as if the word hints at an order, which is not there.

Today people and things are constantly moving around without necessarily moving anywhere. Mobility is an imperative in contemporary society. Mobility is a norm cherished to the extent that it can become an aim in itself, occluding any sense of direction. Then mobility breeds URO.

The exhibition URO presents six artists whose work deals with movement. Either a movement which produces URO or counters URO.

Photos by Kristoffer Juel Poulsen