Right Where

Artists: Olaf Breuning (CH), Søren Thilo Funder (DK), Janice Kerbel (CA), Mark Lombardi (US), Miltos Manetas (GR), Bertrand Planes (F), Martha Rosler (US), Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung (HK/US), Elina Vainio (F), Razzle Dazzle painting (UK)

Curated by IMO

Period: September 17 - 19, 2010

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It has arguably never been easier and faster to orient oneself in the world. Yet it has presumably never been more complicated and challenging to understand how we actually orient ourselves. Sure everybody can learn to use the Internet. But few actually understand how it works. The sheer supply of guides about navigating through the world as well as life can seem disorientating in itself.

Is the world today then more complex than yesterday? Yes, probably. But it is not only that the world has changed. It is also because we have opened our eyes for its seeming complexity.

For centuries science made progress through “clear and simple ideas” as the philosopher René Descartes prescribed. Today words like ”chaos”, ”disorder”, ”chance”, and ”ambiguity” are frequently used among scientists as well as laymen. As the sociologist Richard Sennett has said, uncertainty is the only thing we are certain of today. For the most privileged the road from cradle to grave is no longer laid out in front of them in advance. Therefore we must invent and reinvent ourselves continuously.

The exhibition ‘Right Where’ presents a selection of works on the theme of how we orient ourselves and become disoriented in the world today. The works take the shape of manuals, mappings, travelogues, visualisation models, advertisements, camouflage, and simulation machines.

Amongst the selected works some are from another era. The theme of the exhibition is not new. Nevertheless the theme seems acute now when the world is up for revaluation. Art, which is still harder to define, is a case in question. Some of the works in this exhibition are normally not categorized as art. Therefore, in order to find one’s was through this exhibition one will have to abandon certain categories - until new and better ones arise or old ones are reinvented.